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Our pets

This is a picture of two of our cats (Black Jack and Ringo) who my boys found abandoned in the school yard in September 2008. They were maybe three weeks old. There were empty cans of tuna left near them, so somebody had thought to feed them. Did they really think some canned tuna was going to keep them alive at such a young age and in the wilderness (there is a forest between the school and our house. I’m sure people thought they would just end up living in the woods…if they survived in the first place!) Anyways, the boys managed to bring them home and my husband spent most of the entire day in the washroom, cleaning them, trying to get rid of all the fleas (the water in the sink was red because of all the flea bites they had) and getting them to eat. I took this picture a couple months after that. And now they are part of our family!

These are our first two kittens, Tiger (calico) and Midnight (grey), which we rescued from a barn in July 2008. We had finally agreed that the boys were old enough to take care of pets. Dad chose the calico one and actually wanted another calico kitten, but his brother had decided to ‘adopt’ a barn kitten as well. So I chose Midnight. They are the most loving cats around! Tiger is so affectionate and loves to lay close to people. Midnight just makes us laugh. There is a story about being outside late at night, trying to take Midnight for a walk…

Here is a video of Lucas singing his ‘Midnight Song’ (when he was suppose to be doing the dishes!). Jackson liked to take videos, so this was good practice for him.

And a follow-up video/song done in the laundry room.


In total, we have six cats, two turtles and two gerbils. We have had frogs for pets, as well as a chicken once, named Crackers.


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