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A single mom, raising two boys, living life as it comes

More about me

I am a single, full-time working mom to two teenage boys who are my life. They sure keep me busy, what with their bowling and baseball and everything in between! Sometimes we just hang out watching a movie marathon (ie. Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars) or our favourite TV shows (ie. Community, Survivor) or Blue Jays games. Since getting laptops for Christmas 2013, they are usually busy watching YouTube or playing Minecraft while I’m still playing in the iPod Touch.

I live in London, Ontario, Canada. The funny thing about our address is that when I was growing up, I lived in a house with a ’36’ in the address. Now, I’m living in a house with a ’63’ in the address. Strange, no?

I currently work at The London Free Press and have so for more than 16 years, in various departments including sports, business, and currently, online. I am active in my community as the past president of my children’s school’s Home and School Association and co-chair of the School Council, as well as being involved with TVCHSA and OFHSA. My hobbies include reading, scrapbooking, watching movies and watching our cats play with each other.


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