<rant>This has been an interesting, yet eye-opening month for me. I applied for three different jobs, two of which required both my high school and university transcripts and diplomas, which was the interesting part (to look back on those!).

1. Online position — in which I was told I had absolutely the most experience and skills for the job, but excuses were given as to why I wouldn’t be considered for it. I probably should have known nothing would come of this opportunity as the same company has denied me 3 previous positions (ie. politics).

2. Public engagement transit position — after sharing my experience and answering questions, then spending 10 minutes explaining why I was interested in the job (ie. I’ve been a transit user for more than 30 years, through university, work, raising family; my son will be using it next year as a college student, my other son the following year for university; proponent of BRT; use all modes of public transportation because of environment/pollution views) I was asked if I had a licence and a reliable vehicle. I said umm, no — I use public transit, taxis, Uber . . .

but I’m sure that wasn’t why I got turned down.

3. Communications position — my resume is being considered. Just waiting.

I guess I should feel incredibly lucky to have found my current job, just a couple months after graduating university — 20 years ago. But it feels a little defeating to know you are being passed over for new opportunities while at the same time not being appreciated for the work you currently do. One more shift and I’m on vacation for a week. More than enough time to get out of my slump and come back refreshed, remembering to be thankful I actually have a job that allows me to provide for my boys. Moving forward or having extras in life may not be in the cards, so time to appreciate what you have. </rant>