I realize Christmas has already passed, but my third wish has finally come true.

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, I felt ill at work — beginning with a fever, headache and sore throat. Figuring it was just a cold, I made it through one more night shift before knowing I was sick. I share a desk at work with another coworker, whose daughter had recently given birth to twins and they were still in hospital. The guilt I felt for going to work — and spreading my sick germs on our shared space, then worrying my coworker would share them with her grand babies — was really overwhelming.

In the past few years, I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve been sick, as I’m normally a very healthy woman. That week, I took two sick days off.

After four days, I decided to see a doctor at the walk-in clinic on Dec. 12. She prescribed an antibiotic for my throat infection. I could barely swallow at this point – so much pain swallowing such large pills – but the antibiotic was only a five-day medication, so I did what I had to do.

Four days later, my throat was worse and I could barely swallow my own saliva. I was suffering. Another walk-in clinic visit on Dec. 16 and a swab test showed I had strep throat. The first antibiotic did absolutely nothing for me, so the doctor gave me an aggressive antibiotic — 3 large pills a day, for 10 days — which wouldn’t have been an issue, if I could swallow. But I did what I had to do.

I finished my medication yesterday (Boxing Day) and am finally starting to feel ‘normal’ again. During my illness, I missed 6 days of work, 2 Christmas parties, a volunteer dinner (which was postponed), had to cancel my family’s Christmas (which we were to host), ordered many dinners by delivery because I was scared to make food for my boys, and spent more days on the sofa with my guys taking care of me than I care to remember (although I am ever so thankful for all the soup and popsicles they brought me!). I felt so much guilt for missing work, not keeping the house in order and not buying groceries regularly. I wasn’t able to do any Christmas baking, really enjoy Christmas shopping at the malls or watch all my favourite Christmas movies — three things I love about the holiday season.

But being healthy (and not spreading the illness to my loved ones) was foremost on my mind. I may have suffered for two weeks, but am now really looking forward to our Christmas dinner, which has been moved to New Year’s Day. I am so thankful that my Christmas wish for our family to be happy and healthy has finally come true, and definitely thankful to be looking ahead to a new year.

And turkey . . . I’m really craving some turkey . . .