Whether it’s a 20-year marriage or a three-week adventure that has abruptly come to an end, it’s not always easy to move on with your life.

Memories are never forgotten. Words live in your head long after you hear them. Kisses are still felt on your lips and that wanting feeling is hard to extinguish.

But ‘life goes on.’ How often has someone said this to you, or maybe you’ve even uttered these words yourself? Yes, being alive means you must wake up every morning and live a new day, whether you are ready for it or not.

I think it’s the disappointment of knowing how much you’ve put into a relationship, only to see how easy it is for the other person to effortlessly move on without you. How easy it seems for them to move on with their lives with someone else, while you still have such vivid memories of the time you spent together. Disappointing to know that maybe they weren’t always honest with their feelings toward you, even if you never hid what you were feeling. So sad to lose a good friend…maybe even a best friend.

I’m not bitter. And if I was really honest with myself, I’m probably happy knowing they are with someone they truly want to be with, rather than pretending to like me. I don’t deserve to be second to anyone. No one does.

But how do you move on? You find strength to carry on without them. You think positive. You look ahead, and never behind. You cry all the tears away. You keep busy. You stop thinking. I know, easier said than done.

During this past year, I have seen both a marriage end and an adventure disappear. I’m now living one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time. I try to fill my days with things that make me happy: music, books, family, friends. I’m a work-in-progress. Isn’t that what life is anyways?