I’m sure we’ve all been there before. Eating out with friends at a fancy restaurant. Attending a Christmas party with co-workers. Celebrating Canada Day at the family barbecue. Even opening that container of yogurt at lunch time. It just seems to happen to me ALL the time!

Drip, drip. You look down and the front of your shirt is covered with gravy, spaghetti sauce, yogurt. You name it, I’ve spilled it.

I pride myself on being clean and presentable at all times (except on certain Sundays when I’m able to sleep in and stay in my pajamas all day while watching NASCAR). I don’t leave the house if I have even the slightest stain on my shirt, that’s just not acceptable. And it’s not like I’m a very messy person at all. I rarely spill milk, drop food on the floor or even break dishes (all by accident, of course). I think I just have bad luck when eating!

When choosing clothes to go out for dinner, white is definitely not an option, unless it’s covered by a sweater. Even while having breakfast at home, a white t-shirt is still a bad idea for me, or else that will be the one time I spill milk on myself. I’m very hesitant to even wear light coloured shirts, in case that one drop of sauce finds its way onto it. At least when I’m wearing black, drops of food aren’t as easy to make out.

This past weekend my family made meatball subs and strawberry shortcake. What a nightmare of a meal! I was wearing a white blouse while making the meatballs and sauce, but took every precaution NOT to splash anything on it. And before I even thought of plating my food, I changed into a red t-shirt, just in case. Two bites into my sub….you guessed it. Tomato sauce spilled out of the bun, all down the front of my t-shirt. Definitely a good choice, picking that red t-shirt!

What am I to do?

  • Start using a bib? (That would look classy in any restaurant!)
  • Have someone else feed me? (Don’t think my husband would go for that idea)
  • Eat out of straw? (Liquid spaghetti and meatballs doesn’t sound too appealing)

The only choice I have is to stock up on dark coloured t-shirts and buy extra laundry soap!