Those two words heard at the beginning of a baseball game is the equivalent of “Gentlemen, start your engines!” in NASCAR. You know something exciting is about to happen!

In the spring, once the temperatures reach about 15 C, our family is in baseball mode. The gloves are brought out, the cleats are found and even the jocks must be washed and ready to go.

The boys play in a recreational youth softball league (Nelson Park Softball Association Inc.) and my husband plays in a recreational adult men’s league (Thorndale Men’s Slo-Pitch League). There’s just not enough time left for me to play, which is fine, since I usually assist with the boys’ team (hubby coaches them) and on weekends try to catch hubby’s games. I’m also involved with the youth league, which takes up whatever extra time I have in the summer, as well as during the months leading up to the baseball season.

The boys are amazing players! One of them has the best arm I’ve ever seen (for his age) and his accuracy is amazing. The other is a natural player, being able to shift positions, from pitcher to catcher to outfielder, wherever he’s needed.

When I was younger, I did enjoy baseball immensely! I played on my public school team, usually at first base (Knollwood Park Public School) then later played in a coed league, also at first base, before getting married and having children. Maybe someday I’ll join a women’s league…just to relive those good times!