Okay, you’ve probably heard of some of these people, as they are famous singers, actors or sports athletes. But what about those names you’ve also heard before (and ultimately felt sorry for the people as they were children, wondering how they were able to grow up into adults with these names!). The question: why would anyone actually do this to their own skin and blood:

  • Muddy Waters
  • Dick Trickle
  • Chris Cross
  • Coco Crisp
  • Milton Bradley
  • Moon Unit
  • Pilot Inspektor
  • Warren Peace
  • Mary Christmas
  • Marsha Dimes
  • Candy Kane
  • Rusty Pipes
  • Seymour Butz
  • Ima Hogg
  • Hugh Jass
  • Pat Hiscock
  • Harry Cox
  • Mike Hunt
  • And my optometrist’s name is Dr. Dick!

I work at a newspaper, in the online department. During the wee hours of the morning (and definitely before 5 a.m.!), I am to post local news, sports and entertainment stories, as well as other ‘chain’ articles, then I embellish them with pictures, photo galleries, videos, links, you name it!

As I go through the printed version of the paper, choosing the articles to embellish, I always see what’s going on in my city. This includes reading the obituaries. Not that I’m morbid…far from it. But on occasion I’ve recognized people I’ve known from the past, or see people who are related to friends of mine. Maybe it’s just a weird interest of mine…

Anyways, this morning I’m skimming through the obits and come across the name: TUCKER, John. I don’t know this man. But immediately I’m thinking of a movie called, John Tucker Must Die! and think to myself, well, he finally did. To reiterate, I don’t know this man and I’m not making light of his death, but, well, yes I’m making light of his name and the fact that he did die. A little funny, no?