Yes, this was a fantasy movie made in the ’80s. I remember watching it on Channel 20 (WUAB Cleveland) when I was a younger girl. And I remember liking it. Fast forward to 2010 and trying to explain it to my children (especially trying to explain that ‘way back then’ these were pretty good special effects!)…a bit difficult to do.

I tell them that Fantasia is like our imagination and like our imagination, the life (and stories) of Fantasia is neverending, as long as people are reading books and imagining them in their heads. I think they understood, but it was much easier explaining to them about reading Harry Potter, Twilight or even Diary of a Wimpy Kid (which are all movies now!) and thinking in our heads what we thought the characters and places really looked like.

It’s actually amazing to see so many books being made into ‘motion pictures’, but even though we see a director’s idea of what these characters and places look like, sometimes I prefer to remember what I had thought when reading such books.

Honestly, I don’t read much anymore, books that is. I prefer reading the newspaper (online, of course), or blogs, or flipping through the pages of a magazine, but it won’t stop me from encouraging my boys to read stories and try to visualize what’s happening in their minds. This way, they can compare their thoughts with directors’ thoughts when the next popular book gets made into a movie.