I am a huge fan of watching movies. Sometimes we venture out to the movie theatre when there is a movie we can ALL agree on. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find a favourite movie playing on the local TV station, but sadly, we have to sit through all the commercials (or flick it back and forth between two movies!). But most likely we find ourselves buying $5-movies from Wal-Mart and watching them over and over again. What a truly great source of entertainment!

It doesn’t matter if they are comedies, romance, drama, action, even family movies — I love them all! Of all themed-movies, I admit ‘chick flicks’ are probably my favourite.

Next to comedies, what type of movie is best for ‘first dates’? How many ‘chick flicks’ are rated G or PG, ratings fit for a family to watch together? And seriously, how can you not feel good after watching a happy ending (which ALL chick flicks have)?

What better way to clear your head when you’re under daily stress? What better way to spend a night with girlfriends, then watching ‘Dirty Dancing’ for the 30th time? And if my boys want to watch ‘A Cinderella Story’ or ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ with me, who am I to say no? I love watching chick flicks and I love my boys . . . what a great combination!

These types of movies won’t win any Academy Awards but they are definitely a source of enjoyment for me!