Yes, March Break is finally upon us! Students are so happy to be out of school for a week and I’m sure the teachers are feeling quite the same way!

But what about the parents? Most parents work outside the home and need to find babysitters to watch their children next week, or maybe sign them up for March Break camps. Maybe there will be some ‘staycations’ planned for next week, one-day adventures close to home.

In our house…I will be trying to sleep. But here comes the guilt. The kids will be home (apparently, with “nothing to do”) and will want to get out and do something…with me. I will definitely encourage them to get active, whether it’s going for a walk, playing basketball at the school or throwing the baseball around in the backyard, but I just can’t see myself giving up some much needed sleep to do this. Then again, I’d much rather keep an eye on the kids if they aren’t in the house and if I change my sleeping pattern for one week, just to make sure everyone’s safe, so be it. (And there’s probably a lesser chance of them breaking another bedroom window if I’m out there with them!)

Secretly, I’m hoping it will rain a couple days next week, so they are forced to stay inside to watch movies or play video games (and let mom sleep!). You never know how the weather will play out, so we’ll be playing it day by day in our house, during March Break!