Recently, I’ve been reading my father’s blog (here) and thinking about memories of my childhood and of visiting with my grandparents. We had yearly visits to my mother’s family in Quebec, usually around Christmas, and yearly visits to my father’s family near Listowel, which were either in the summertime or at Christmas as well. I have some memories of these visits, as well as photos from some of them, and now I’m thinking about how I’m going to share these memories with my children.

I will scrapbook them. Scrapbooking is a hobby where you use pictures, stories (ie. words) and embellishments (ie. stickers) to make layouts to express certain memories or events. I have been scrapbooking since my boys were babies and I’ve never caught up with all my pictures! My layouts include events such as birthdays, holidays and school events. They also include information on family members, which is where my ‘memories’ are placed (and not forgotten!).

(If you have Facebook, I have a group where you can learn more about the hobby, or ask questions to other people. You can find it at: (here) and you are more than welcome to join in!)

I need to start writing down all the memories of my grandparents that I have, and find pictures of them to go with my stories, because if I don’t write them down now, how are my children going to learn about them? And should anything happen to me and I cannot pass these memories along to them, no one else can.

Here are two very simple layouts I’ve done, as part of scrapbooks I’ve made for the boys’ teachers.