Working the overnight shift has its benefits. No co-workers to bother you, asking what you brought for lunch and if they can have some (I swear it happened!). No phone calls from people begging for free advertising or complaining that the weather forecast in today’s paper was incorrect. And not having to listen to the ‘senior’ guys talking about politics is definitely a bonus!

The downside? Trying to sleep when the sun is shining. It has taken a couple months just to get used to being awake so late at night, but the sun is another issue altogether. Sure, dark curtains help. Having the house nice and warm helps too. The phone ringing, cats meowing, kids shouting outside during recess…these things are not very helpful.

Thankful for having a job, I don’t like to complain, but let me tell you. My body is complaining. I’m more tired than I’ve ever been in my life (including the two times I had babies at home with me). And seeing the beautiful days I’m missing because I’m sleeping, just makes me feel guilty! What am I going to do in the summer time? Better get used to sleeping less, I assume!